Thursday, March 1, 2012

When liberty returns, I will return. (Victor Hugo)

it’s been a long while since i posted. time to catch up a little!

i moved at the beginning of the year, and i’ve been happier than i have been in a while. :) i’ve got a new home studio that i’m *thrilled* with. i’m still haven’t gotten my supplies unpacked for the most part, though.

this year i plan on working on *finishing* projects. i realized i have a million unfinished projects laying around. i’ve already finished a few in the past couple of weeks. i don’t plan on starting anything new this year, unless it’s something i *need*, like clothing.

i’ve discovered pinterest. i’m totally addicted! i love it. i’m a visual thinker, and it just… it totally works with my brain. i’ve become way more productive and inspired since i started using it. and found a lot of cleaver solutions i’ve put to use, too.

i’ve lost my camera (yet again) so pix will be sparse for now. i hope to post at least once a week, and hopefully more frequently once i find the camera.

things of note i did today:

  • finished a cross stitch pattern on a patch of hand-woven fabric (will post pix later).
  • started work on finishing a border of a pillow case intended to match my crochet bedspread.
  • dehydrated a bunch of aging bananas.

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