Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hot hot hot

posted a few more recipes (the ones linked below).

rat update: we settled on the name squeebles for the rat. she’s completely comfortable with us now, taking treats from our hands and contentedly exploring the couch and not trying to run off. she’s also already begging for attention, jumping up on the wire of her cage every time we walk by. she’s still in a smaller cage because she’s still small enough to slip through the wires of the bigger cage.

it got up into the lower 80's today. we're trying to use the air conditioner as little as possible, so i didn't get a lot done before dark today. i’m thinking about staying up at night when it’s cooler and sleeping during the day, when i can.

spent most of the evening catching up on chores, and cleaning the house. we’re wanting to childproof the place so we can start babysitting. going to take a bit of work. the place is a deathtrap with sharp sewing and craft supplies all over, and wires running all over the place. but hopefully we’ll get it done by may.

found a surprisingly good, cheep, individually wrapped slice cheese today. at least good for only being a point per slice (50 calories, 3 fat, 0 fiber). it’s a generic; “shopper’s value”. we got a pack of 12 slices for a dollar. it’s trans fat free too, which is good. it actually tastes something like cheese instead of a slice of oil. still can’t compare to real cheese, but it’s not bad for the points.

what i worked on today:
worked a tiny bit on crocheting the lace i intend to use on my wedding veil. cleaning. not a very productive day.

what i ate today:
grapefruit spice smoothie - 8 points
banana - 2
brei with cheese – 3.5 
motzah grill cheese - 3
small motzah grill cheese - 2
grapefruit - 2
chicken chinese stirfry - 6
tofu stirfry - 2
rice -4
total: 32.5