Saturday, March 10, 2012

things i’ve done in the past few days:

finished work on the knitted pillowcase border. now i just need to figure out how i want to back it.

experimented with making bar soap into hand soap. i used dial gold soap, and ended up with a snotty mess the consistency of egg whites. not sure what i did wrong, or if it’s just the kind of soap, but it was an interesting experiment. and even though it’s a little weirdly textured, it’s still usable.

finished a knit cuddlefish (see what i did there?) i started years ago.

finished the hair on an embroidered patch of the sandman  and bastet from neil gaiman’s graphic novel series. all that’s left to do is finish the background and bind it off, but i’m at a standstill because the embroidery floss i need is still packed away.

worked on a cross stitch project i started a LONG time ago, until i again needed thread that’s packed away. then i worked on a different unfinished cross stitch project.

basted more hexagons for my quilt.

patched my best bed sheet because squeebles got to it. XD

now i just need to figure out how/if i can stand at my cutting table with an injured foot, so i can work on some skirts i should have gotten to my mother-in-law months ago. >.<

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