Thursday, March 15, 2012

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” --Marcus Aurelius

i got a couple of great responses from my last post! thank you for reading! i wish i knew where my camera was so i could show you the progress as it’s made, but for now i’ll have to do my best to describe it.

so far today we’ve gotten all the fabric moved in. it’s all lined up against one wall (where i hope to put bookshelves eventually), in eight 18 gallon rubbermade totes, one 30 gallon tote, two 5 gallon buckets, a dozen or so medium sized boxes, a bunch of little boxes, and some bags.

it’s crazy how much fabric i’ve accumulated! i’ve never had a space big enough or organized enough to keep it in, so most of it has been in storage for years. i kept gathering more because i didn’t have access to what i had, and now that i have it all in one place it’s a little nuts. and that’s after getting rid of some of it before i moved to this state! i can’t wait to get the chance to dive into it all and see what i’ve got, but that’s going to be a big project!

i have a long and narrow closet in my studio, but currently it’s mostly filled. it and the door to the room take up one whole wall. the top shelf is full of boxes of unfinished projects. the bottom has a giant (currently unoccupied) pet cage, a large box of decorations and a few other odds and ends in it.

the wall opposite the closet has a HUGE window, which i love. lots of air flow makes it the coolest room in the house right now. and lots of natural light means i rarely have to use artificial lighting. under the window is my desk, which has a fan, my sewing machine, space for my laptop, and three stacks of tiny drawers (i <3 these so much!). so far i have drawers for:

  • general office supplies (pencil sharpeners, erasers, that kind of thing)
  • pens
  • pencils
  • mechanical pencils (had so many pencils i had to split them into two drawers! o.o; )
  • permanent markers
  • wet and dry erase markers
  • highlighters
  • batteries
  • lighters
  • ink cartages (empty ones i need to recycle. XD )

i have about 20 more little drawers that are empty or filled with stuff that needs sorting. i think i might use one for my crochet hooks, one for scrap thread (threads i trim off things i’m sewing by machine, that are long enough to baste things, like paper pieced hexagons), and one for straight pins. not sure what i’ll be using the rest for, but i’ll figure that out as i go along.

on the remaining wall i have a bookshelf that’s falling apart that i need to get a bunch of brackets to shore everything up, but until i can get around to that (hopefully soon!) it’s just kinda taking up space. >.< next to it i have a bookshelf that just needs a little fixing up that i plan on putting all my crafting books, magazines, and patterns on. next to the bookshelf is a plastic tower of drawers, kind of like this one,

except mine had 4 large drawers and two small ones. i have one small drawer for buttons, one small drawer empty, one large one for stamps, stencils and punches, and currently one large one full of bottles of paint, but it’s over flowing, and i have a whole other box that’s still unpacked, so need to figure out where i want to move it to. to of the large drawers are still empty. next to that is another 30 gallon tote full of a couple quilt projects. probably going to move that to the closet once the cage is moved out.

in the middle of the room i have our old dining room table. it’s counter height which is *great* for a cutting table. but i’m short. so it kind of sucked for sitting at. >.< really the only time we ever ate at the table was when we had company, so it was mostly just being a clutter collector at our old place anyway. hopefully we’ll be able to scrounge up a new table and chairs before we get around to entertaining again. under the table i have all sorts of storage goodies. i have three rows of yaffa blocks and a tower of small bins on one side, a tower of three larger bins on another side, a 3 drawered tower and another tower of small bins on the third side, and a filing-cabinet-like thing on the last side. so far i have thread, molds, and paint samples in baskets on top of yaffa blocks and the drawer tower, and small bins for:

  • scissors (all sorts, for cutting paper, fabric, border shapes, etc)
  • other sharp things (box cutters, exact-o knives, sculpting tools… be careful when reaching in that bin!)
  • tapes and glue (might make them two separate bins, eventually)
  • glue guns, glue sticks, and my wood burner (hot things with cords go together, right?)
  • handled punches (single hole punches, grommet setter, etc)

in theory i want to put all my supplies under the table and on my desk, all my materials and bookish things along the walls, and projects-in-progress in the closet. not sure if it’s going to be practical to do it that way entirely, though.

i still have to figure out where to put my yarn. i have one very large box (bigger than the 18 gallon totes, maybe as big as the 30 gallons), two or three medium sized boxes, a small box, and a couple small bags. if i could store it the way i wanted, i’d probably have enough to fill 2/3 of a bookcase. i also need to figure out where to put my candle making supplies, which would probably fill most of a shelf, my beads and beading supplies which would fill most of another shelf, and my altered art (scrapbooking paper, clipart, glitter etc) supplies, which currently occupy 3 or 4 boxes. i also have good sized boxes of plastic canvas i need to figure out where to store! my dad got them for me at a yard sale a few years back for dirt cheep (that’s where most of my yarn came from too), and i have enough to last me a lifetime!

then i have a million odds and ends, like old cassette tapes and floppy disks that i need to figure out where to put until i can do something with them. i want to use some of the floppy disks to make some cool looking storage bins to sort things on shelves once i get them, like this one from readapta 2.0:

i also have a ton of baskets a TON of plastic pencil boxes (got them on sale for 10 cents each a few years  back!) and some good clear storage boxes. all in all i have a bunch of storage, and i have a bunch of stuff, i just need to figure out how i want to put it all together, and get some shelving so a bunch of it isn’t just stacked on each other.

i know this was a loooong post, and thank you for reading it! i wish i had done it sooner, because writing it out like this has helped me sort through some of my thoughts and come up with some good ideas! any and all sugestions are welcome! i’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

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