Thursday, April 5, 2012

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

i travel for my job, so i’ve been out town the past couple of weeks and staying at my dad’s place while i work. while i’ve missed being home i’ve had plenty to keep me busy.

i’ve mostly been doing a lot of fabric cutting in my free time. my dad realized over the years he’s accumulated more bedding than he can use, and gave me a bunch of old sheet sets. some i’ll use, but i have a queen sized bed and most of them were twin or full sized, so i have a lot of fabric to work with. i’ll be making some clothes out of some of them, but some are getting turned into cleaning cloths. lots of cleaning cloths. including cloth napkins. a lot more earth and budget friendly at dinner time than paper towels.

i’ve also been working on a plastic canvas mail sorter. i’m hoping to get all the pieces needle pointed before i go home, then finish it up there.

i’ve also been working on a set of blackwork butterflies i intend to decorate my kitchen with. they’re really portable, so they make a good travel project. my ADHD makes it hard for me to concentrate unless i have something for my hands to do, so it’s also great to shove in my backpack when i visit friends and family, to help keep my mind on the conversation.

i can’t wait to get back home and back to my studio, not to mention my fiance! first project i need to tackle is some waaaaaay over due skirts i owe my mother-in-law… but first, figuring out how to cram all that fabric into my luggage…