Saturday, March 20, 2010


went to the doctor yesterday. it went fine, except there were some weird/funny moments.  “do you have irregular periods?” “well, not since the hysterectomy…” that, and i was talking to the nurse. we both went to school with a guy who was recently found dead in a cemetery (i didn’t really know him well). we were talking about what happened while she took my blood pressure – “you’re blood pressure was a little high, but we were talking about dead people.”

we’re thinking about naming the little fuzzy usdi. it’s cherokee for baby/small/young/diminutive/etc. we haven’t decided yet though. here’s a picture of her. :D rattiewe’ve only had her two days, and she’s already coming out to look at us when we pass her cage, instead of slinking away to watch us from her cardboard house. 

starting monday i’m going to start being strict on my diet and exercise again. anyone want to be my diet buddy so we can nag each other? hehe

what i worked on yesterday:
cutting out fabric for a pair of scrubs/pjs for my fiancé.
a crocheted pot holder

Friday, March 19, 2010

shopping spree

it's been a while since i got to do any shopping. with a tax return coming we decided to get some things we've been needing.

here's the highlights:
a new scale
a couple patterns and some fabric
chia seeds
a new pet!

we adoped an adorable little rat yesterday. :D cheep to feed, easy to look after, and affectionate as hell, rats make great pets! :D i'll post a picture soon. we haven't named her yet. anyone have any ideas? :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

busy week

i've had a lot more workdays in the past week than i usually do. thursday i have a ton of errands to run, friday i have a doctor's appointment, saturday and sunday i work again. i can't wait to get some rest next week. At least i have today off.

i've been working on sewing a summer wardrobe when i have the time. i've gotten one skirt done, several more cut out, and a shirt cut out. i've been designing, drafting the patterns and cutting the fabric. my wonderful fiancé has been doing most of the actual sewing. Thursday i plan on getting some supplies to make him some t-shirts and pants to wear around the house.

i also plan on getting a new scale. I gained weight over the holidays. And then my scale broke a couple months ago and i've slacked off a while. >.<  It's time to get back on track.

what i worked on today
menu planning and crocheting a pot holder with some rich purple yarn

what i ate today
2 hash brown with cheese and ketchup
stir-fry broccoli and cabbage
2 pizza burgers
carrot fries
a couple slices of home made bread

Monday, March 8, 2010

i’m back… sort of

well, i have a connection now, but it’s dial up. at least it’s something. i’ve decided to do all my blogging here, instead of having a separate blog for my sewing and craft stuff. i'll be writing about diet, budgeting, crafts, designs, and what ever else i feel like.

i recently got an ancient PDA (palm m105), and i love it. :D most of my posts will probably be written on it.


what i worked on today:

organizing crochet cotton. i’ve taken some of the spools out of old VCR tapes, and i’m winding crochet cotton, yarn, and such things on them.

installing programs on my PDA.


what i ate today:

beef and cabbage sandwich pocket 
same thing for lunch 
1 grapefruit
24 croutons (they sort of taste like chips, but aren't as bad)
honey mustard chicken
baked french fries