Thursday, July 1, 2010

wake up feeling green, sick as a dog and six times as mean

i’ve been sick since sunday. i feel like shit. my throat and sinuses are swollen, my throat feels like someone took sand paper too it, i can’t sleep for more than two hours at a time because coughing wakes me up. and i have a really annoying mouth sore. and the soonest i can go to a doctor is probably monday, if i can at all. which sucks. really sucks. and i’m weak and i ache all over. yet i still don’t have a fever. which is very confusing. i’ve barely gotten out of bed since sunday. when i do it’s to play games on the computer to distract myself from how miserable i am a the moment. one good thing (and only one) has come out of it. i’ve gotten a lot of reading done. i have a bunch of ebooks, and i’ve been reading those on my little ancient pda. i read book 4 (dead to the world) of the sookie stackhouse books by charlaine harris in a day and a half. i’m reading a few short stories before i move on to book 5 (dead as a doornail). i’m posting july’s menu today. it’s not done, but i’ll update it as i feel up to it. i’m headed back to bed. g’night.

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