Saturday, March 20, 2010


went to the doctor yesterday. it went fine, except there were some weird/funny moments.  “do you have irregular periods?” “well, not since the hysterectomy…” that, and i was talking to the nurse. we both went to school with a guy who was recently found dead in a cemetery (i didn’t really know him well). we were talking about what happened while she took my blood pressure – “you’re blood pressure was a little high, but we were talking about dead people.”

we’re thinking about naming the little fuzzy usdi. it’s cherokee for baby/small/young/diminutive/etc. we haven’t decided yet though. here’s a picture of her. :D rattiewe’ve only had her two days, and she’s already coming out to look at us when we pass her cage, instead of slinking away to watch us from her cardboard house. 

starting monday i’m going to start being strict on my diet and exercise again. anyone want to be my diet buddy so we can nag each other? hehe

what i worked on yesterday:
cutting out fabric for a pair of scrubs/pjs for my fiancé.
a crocheted pot holder

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  1. She's so cute D: My mom wouldn't let me get a rat when I was a kid lol had to settle for hamsters. (Odd how she's scared of one but not the other)
    ...also aye interesting doctor visit indeed :P
    (Extra: I'm a teenager my diets pretty inconsistent :x)