Monday, March 8, 2010

i’m back… sort of

well, i have a connection now, but it’s dial up. at least it’s something. i’ve decided to do all my blogging here, instead of having a separate blog for my sewing and craft stuff. i'll be writing about diet, budgeting, crafts, designs, and what ever else i feel like.

i recently got an ancient PDA (palm m105), and i love it. :D most of my posts will probably be written on it.


what i worked on today:

organizing crochet cotton. i’ve taken some of the spools out of old VCR tapes, and i’m winding crochet cotton, yarn, and such things on them.

installing programs on my PDA.


what i ate today:

beef and cabbage sandwich pocket 
same thing for lunch 
1 grapefruit
24 croutons (they sort of taste like chips, but aren't as bad)
honey mustard chicken
baked french fries

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