Wednesday, March 17, 2010

busy week

i've had a lot more workdays in the past week than i usually do. thursday i have a ton of errands to run, friday i have a doctor's appointment, saturday and sunday i work again. i can't wait to get some rest next week. At least i have today off.

i've been working on sewing a summer wardrobe when i have the time. i've gotten one skirt done, several more cut out, and a shirt cut out. i've been designing, drafting the patterns and cutting the fabric. my wonderful fiancé has been doing most of the actual sewing. Thursday i plan on getting some supplies to make him some t-shirts and pants to wear around the house.

i also plan on getting a new scale. I gained weight over the holidays. And then my scale broke a couple months ago and i've slacked off a while. >.<  It's time to get back on track.

what i worked on today
menu planning and crocheting a pot holder with some rich purple yarn

what i ate today
2 hash brown with cheese and ketchup
stir-fry broccoli and cabbage
2 pizza burgers
carrot fries
a couple slices of home made bread

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