Thursday, October 21, 2010

i’m back

my medical issue has been long resolved, but i’ve been too busy to blog. i had a major migraine for over two weeks, that got worse before it got better. then it just went away. O.o it wasn’t my old problem returning. they never did figure out what caused it. i basically paid $100 for the ophthalmologist to tell me i had a bad migraine. >.<

we have high-speed internet again! with the deal we made with the phone company, the DSL actually ends up being cheaper than dialup! it’s insane. i’m glad to be part of the 21st century again. it definitely makes blogging easier.

i’ve been busy while i was gone. i lost some storage space and my house ended up packed with boxes and crap i had to sort through and find places for. probably ended up tossing half of it. i’m finally able to see an end to the chaos. there’s more clean in the house than just a pathway now. except the sewing room. it’s trashed. it’ll be a while before i’ll be able to get to it.

the bottom heating element of our (electric) oven burned out. we need to get the landlord to replace it, and hopefully make some other repairs, but we want to get the place a bit more presentable first. hopefully we’ll have a working oven to roast our thanksgiving turkey in! there will be no baking for now, except what can be done in the toaster oven.

over the next few days i’ll update about the projects and stuff i’ve been working on while i was away. it’s good to be blogging again. :D

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