Saturday, October 23, 2010

…I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible…

i’ve decided to write a cookbook. i want to combine my love of culture and cooking, and make a book with healthy, budget-friendly recipes inspired by dishes from around the world. i figure it will take me a couple of years, but so far it’s been really fun! i love learning and i look forward to picking countries that i know little or nothing about the cuisine. the first country i chose to research is Nigeria. i plan on writing 7 recipes inspired my each country/region/culture. some will be more difficult than others. i did china in an evening. Nigeria might take me a month. so far i’ve tried a recipe called jollof rice. it was pretty good. i didn’t realize i didn’t  have any thyme until it was half made, so i used marjoram in the recipe, but i think i’ll like it even better with thyme and can’t wait to try it again.

 jollof rice

next i plan on working on korean recipes. i have a few good resources for that, so it should go pretty quickly.

if anyone has any favorite ethnic dishes, please suggest them, and/or share your favorite recipes!


on another note, my ferret seems to have moved into my bathtub. O.o he’s not able to get around like he used to anymore, so we moved him to a smaller cage. well, he didn’t like doing his business in there, so we would let him out in the kitchen and let him go on newspaper, and throw it away when he was done. then i realized the bathtub would be better, because it would be easier to clean up any… uh… overflow puddles. i also put a bowl of water on the other end of the tub, because he likes to drink out of bowls when he’s not in his cage. he got to the point he would pluck on the bars of his cage with his claws when he needed to go potty.
one day we let him out to play, and he curled up under one of my shirts in the closet and fell asleep. i decided to put him back in his cage to sleep, but i picked him up (shirt and all) and put him in the tub first so he could get a drink and go piddle if he need too. he got a drink. then crawled under the shirt and went back to sleeping. in the tub. o.O lol. he was just so content to sleep in the bathtub for the next hour and a half. i kept checking on him every so often, and when he woke up, got a drink, did his business, and went back to bed, i decided to put some food next to the water and just let him be. now we’ve got into the schedule of putting him in the tub in the morning when we get up, changing the paper ever time he goes, and putting him back in his cage at night or when we take a shower. with his mobility issues he can’t get out, and he seems very happy in there. and it’s easier to get him out for cuddles or play time. he likes to cuddle with me and my fiancé in the evenings when we watch tv. he seems to think he’s not in a cage anymore and has his own bedroom. lol. we moved squeebles into his old cage, which is HUGE for such a little rat, and she seemed confused for the first few days. i think she didn’t think she was in a cage either, and was trying to figure out how to get to us when we were on the couch. lol

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