Thursday, June 3, 2010

twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star

my fiancé and i are working on sewing some curtains. i discovered that i like cloth shower curtains better than plastic ones. they don’t let out water like i thought they would (well, at least if you don’t let them ‘puddle’ on the lip of the tub), and they don’t get sucked in while you take a shower. and you can wash them a lot easier. we’re also working on sewing some curtains to go between our kitchen and living room. it keeps some of the heat out of the living room and saves on the electric bill. and hides a cluttered kitchen when we’ve slacked off. XD  the kitchen curtains and one of the shower curtains will be (mostly) black satin. <3 i plan on upgrading  the kitchen curtains and the window curtains to velvet eventually. <3 <3

we plan to start babysitting to earn a little extra money, so tomorrow or early next week we’re going to install some baby proofing  devices, like cabinet latches and locking doors. the latches will keep the kitten out of the cabinets when we get her, too.

i had to work yesterday. my fiancé ran errands and picked up some goodies while he was out. found strawberries for $1 a pound! at aldi’s. we also got a refillable aerosol can for oil. will save a lot on the grocery budget, and is way more ecologically friendly.


goals for this week and next:
finish the curtains
baby proof
make covers for the couch pillows
get the living room 100% clean

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