Saturday, January 4, 2014

Home life is no more natural to us than a cage is natural to a cockatoo.

or perhaps it should be housekeeping, rather than home life, in my case...

today i got frustrated at the slow-going of some organization projects i've been trying to accomplish. so i took it out on the house, and worked on a different one. an old HUGE pet cage we own has been sitting collecting dust and gathering junk mail, since we don't have any critters living in it currently.  so today i cleaned it off, cleaned it out, put it on a stand, covered it in a table cloth, and converted it into storage. took most of the day, but i'm pleased with the results. also got a good chunk of an area of the living room intended for exercise equipment cleared out. so hopefully sooner than later i'll be able to get my weight bench back from my brother-in-law's house, since i'll finally have room for it.
this weekend i hope to make progress on the coat closet and sort through all my food storage containers and cull what i don't need. we'll see how that goes. probably won't post again until monday. wish me luck!

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